Thursday, 3 March 2011

Gage the Overachiever!

March 02, 2011 : 25 week check up day.
As comfortable as we are becoming with our trips to the hospital, there is still a little anxiety before we go into the room to see Gage in real time. We always go in hoping for the best, prepared for the worst, and holding our breath until they tell us we can breathe again. Although we are over the diagnosing stages, "check ups" can still bring bad news. And of course on this day, the doctors were wayyyy behind schedule. More stress.
Brandon and I waited 2 long hours in the waiting room before I finally asked what was going on! I guess there had been an emergency which pushed all the appointments back, but my nurse (being the sweetheart that she is) said she would try and sneak me back for my scan, as long as I didn't mind going to the "dungeon room" LOL.. we didn't mind. So off we went to see little Gageroo in a tiny cramped room. Gage was uncooperative as per usual and they had some difficulty getting a good picture of his brain but they managed. But he was so cute scratching his head :) I had to giggle.  Unlike our previous ultrasounds, Gage was more than willing to show us his spine this day. We finally got a nice clear look at it, and got a better understanding of how his spine was different from other babies. They continue to say that his lesion is low lumbar/sacral area and measured approximately 1.1 x 2 cm... whether this is good or not, I'm not sure but it seems small to us. It looks as though there is a sac covering his lesion, but this hasn't been confirmed. I asked for pictures to post so I could explain things a little better to everyone, but given the dungeon room and the craziness, it just wasn't possible. Sorry everyone, hopefully next time!!
So the highlight of our day....
We had a new ultrasound tech today, and she thought she would check to see if she could get him to kick his legs for us. As most of you know, this is a huge concern for us (and probably all SB parents); Will he be able to move his legs? The tech started poking at poor Gage and irritating him, and then we watched the screen and waited... and waited... and sure enough, I got a good swift boot in the belly. Then another. It looked as though his left leg was weaker than the right, but then he began kicking that one too. The tech said these are voluntary kicks!!! Of course anything can happen in the next 15 weeks, and we have no idea what his spina bifida will look like until he is here, but so far our little man is showing us that he is doing his best in there!! So yes, I am feelings kicks, not punches :)We were very proud in that moment, and realized that moment was one of many that will come with being parents of a child with spina bifida. We have learned to appreciate the small things, and are truely amazed by everything he does, no matter how insignificant it may seem to anyone else :)
After our ultrasound we shuffled over to genetics quickly for some information and an update. Our wonderful friend Ronni informed us that Gage had his first test and got a perfect score!! I am so proud of my little overachiever today. Take a look! (I know, I know.. I am already that bragging mother I swore I would never be)

All in all, he is growing and developing exactly as he should. His bones are a good length and are all straight, his muscle tone is good, and his movements are great. His heart beat was 128bpm which made me panic because it has always been above 150bpm, but the doctor reassured me that this was normal as babies grow bigger. Gage is sitting at almost 2 pounds (850 grams), so he is a healthy boy :) His ventricles are measuring bigger than last time; he is now sitting at 16 and 17mm so of course they will continue to moniter him and watch his brain. They still haven't given him the official hydrocephalus diagnosis though. They are still saying it is only ventriculomegaly (dilated venticles) but we are prepared for what's to come.

So where does that leave us today?? 14 weeks away from Gage Day is where it leaves us, and we are trying to decide on a birth plan. As some of you know, North Bay is terrified of me and the idea of having to deliver this baby. My OBGYN's statement was "What am I supposed to do if you go into labour early?!" ... seriously? Very reassuring, thank you! So, should I go into early labour while at home, I will be airlifted out to Mount Sinai. I am now really struggling with the decision to have a natural delivery or an elective c-section. With Gage's diagnosis and the opening in his spine, I am totally freaked out about a natural birth, but at the same time a c-section is major surgery and it will be a longer recovery. The hospital, of course, is pushing for a natural delivery (induced on a chosen day)  but I have many anxieties about the risks that may come for Gage. I get to make one decision in this pregnancy, and I can't seem to do it. I will inform everyone when I know!!

Overall, this visit was one of the best ones yet. There was no bad news, no concerns, no worries. We were shown on that day, that our little man is going to amaze us every single day. He is going to prove people wrong, and he WILL when everyone says he won't :)

Love Shayna and Brandon <3


  1. Great news Shayna. And it's okay to be a bragging Mom it's our right as parents ;)
    Consider all the risks associated with c-sections vs. natural birth. After having one c-section you are really pressured to have c-sections for all subsesuent births and that sucks. But obviously isn't the end of the world. I just wish I could experience a natural birth and know I won't get too :( Obviously you have to consider many other factors due the Gage's health which makes this a very difficult decision. Good Luck Hun. Thanks for the update.

  2. Yay for perfect test scores!
    North Bay is terrified of you - love it!

    You have to do what you feel is right. The doctors have given you all of the info, and ultimately YOU get to make the decision (unless Gage decides to put his 2 cents in!) And they need to respect whatever decision you make (I'm sure they will).

  3. I am hoping Gage doesn't decide to come early... LOL the idea of being airlifted out of here freaks me out. Keep baking Gage!!!!